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Wow, Its THE Eve! Yup, the day before Christmas. I went down the town this morning and it was wonderful to see everyone and their smiley faces, people talking at every corner, last minute parcels in their arms, the atmosphere was bustling and electric!

I have a special affinity to Christmas. Not only for the spiritual, traditional, and social reasons, but for others as well.

Both my  dear Grandfathers were born on Christmas Day.
I was engaged to be married to my wonderful husband on Christmas Day,
and my name, Natalie: means Christmas Child.

So no wonder this is my most favourite time of the year.

Here is Me and My Mum on Christmas Day 2010.

Here is my Daughter’s baking.

So today, I wish you every happiness with your family and friends in this wonderful holiday season, filled with love and joy…no matter how you celebrate.

I wanted to also say a special thanks to you for visiting my space in bloggy land, throughout the year.  Have a fabulicious time tomorrow. Natxx



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