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Lauren Bacall and The Town House

My working week is made up of many things, and some of it is always spent designing advertisements for newspapers, magazines and websites.  I design advertisements for all sorts of businesses, including clothing stores, chemists, real estate, motels, restaurants, photographers, machinery sales and even freight companies. I put alot of thought into each and every one.


Here is an ad for The Town House Restaurant in Goondiwindi. For this ad I wanted to give a film like, double glass effect, with Lauren Bacall styled undertones. Working with supplied images and an open brief, gave me an opportunity to tweak the images to the effect I was after. Being really happy with the result, Lisa and David have an effective, eye catching, attractive ad designed to get results, and I had the opportunity to visit a period of photography that featured the lovely Lauren Bacall.

Till next time. Nat


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Fishing Club Posters

EOMyellowbellychallengePOSTERemail copy

If you are a keen fisherman, or just keen for a share in 10k worth of prizes, then this poster is for you. Design and top half photography by Vigour Graphics, Ive left a link so you can read the finer details and join in. What better way to spend some time with your kids, Dad, or Pop over Easter. This is a part of Easter on the Macintyre Celebrations in Goondiwindi Queensland. There are some flyers around town as well. You will probably find them, or a contact with Gary at Gundy Sports Store, or John on 0428 714 117.

Ciao for now. Nat

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Sunlit Grass Wallpaper


It’s been raining for 5 days and Im a bit restless this morning. I have 2 new logos to design today and I was hoping to get more images for  a “Regional Postcards Job” Im doing this afternoon as well. So feeling a like this, Ive been looking for inspiration. I came across this image I photographed last week in the late afternoon sun. Thought I would share it with you. How fantastic is that light! If you really like it, you can CLICK HERE for a Free wallpaper download. Hope you enjoy. Till next time. Natxx

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The Children’s House of Hope


Recently the Goondiwindi Rotary Club along with the Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise undertook a project to design and assemble a house for The Children’s House of Hope in Samoa. Members traveled to Samoa and built the house to accommodate 30 children. A wonderful project. To decorate the house on completion, the Goondiwindi Club engaged me to design and supply a canvas of various Australian images. We decided it would travel overseas best if it was rolled up in a tube, then when the Club members arrived in Samoa, they would knock up a frame to stretch it over. So we made it really big and packed it off. According to stories and legends told by the group, it arrived ok and was mounted on a frame then onto the wall of one of the communal rooms.

Im hoping for a photo of it in the House, but haven’t had one sent as yet. Still…so happy to help on a great, life changing project, even if it is in the tiniest most insignificant way. Love your life. Natxx

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