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Spring into Spring!

Spring into Spring!

What a great weekend Balonne Shire Council has planned for locals and visitors of St George! Spring into Spring! Here is the Fun, Spring time poster by Vigour Graphics. Have a wonderful day!. Nat


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Pittsworth Pulse and Pain

Pittsworth Pulse and Pain

And the name says it all… just completed for Pittsworth District Alliance, The Pittsworth Pulse and Pain Half Marathon promotions.
A great event for this town, people will come from far and wide as various Tri Clubs, Fitness Freaks, once-a-year runners and their families spend the day in Pittsworth. If you know the area, its not flat. Copps Hill will sort the best of them out. I’m always up for a challenge, so I’ll be on a water station with the girls, and also on the end of the long lens of my camera, recording some action.

Amazing Prizes, not only for the fit but for the funny too, with prizes for best dressed. After the event families will be able to relax in the grounds of the Historical Society, with food, drink and award presentations. See you there? I’ll pass you some water…! Have a happy and productive day… Natxx

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Biddeston Tractor Pull is now on in October!

vigourgraphics.com_54551Vigour Graphics has been doing thousands of tickets. Hot chip tickets, burger tickets, hotdog tickets, soft drink tickets, beer tickets, entry tickets…all kinds of tickets. All colour coded and bundled in groups.

These are for the Biddeston Tractor Pull weekend in October. Unfortunately it was rescheduled recently due to the amount of rain we have had here lately, but that always means the day will be bigger and better than ever being in October. Ill let you know closer.


Here are photos from last years event.  1956687Image source here

Looks like good clean fun to me! Nat

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Felton Food Festival

Preparations are well on their way for Felton Food Festival on Sunday 27th April 2014.


Vigour Graphics has designed DL flyers for 2014, featuring a brief outline of the day and the free bus timetable. 2013 saw over 5000 people attend, with cooking classes, wine and beer appreciation classes, delicious foods from all cultures, fresh produce and market stalls at every turn.


I met Celebrity Chef Alistair McLeod. Here he is pictured above, with a delicious Belvue Dorper Lamb dish, that he cooked in one of the cooking challenges using only local produce.vigourgraphics.com_52672

In the blue shirt is my son helping with the demonstration. His job was to roll mince into cabbage leaves, kind of  “dolmades” style. We laughed when Alistair made fun of him. Lucky Mitch is a good sport!


Here is the view from across the paddock. Felton is one of Australia’s most productive farming areas and the paddocks are a patchwork of wonderful colours all year round.

Heaps more material for the Felton Food Festival is on its way over the next few months. Save the date for April 27th 2014. It will be bigger and better than ever, if that is possible! Graphic Design, Event Coverage and Images by Vigour Graphics.

Have a perfect day. Nat xx

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Rising Stars


Here are a selection of my favourite cards from the weeks orders. New cards for Suede Goondiwindi. She has the most amazing shoes and accessories. I love the leopard print heels icon. You can follow Jane on Facebook here.


Brittrans have some eye-catching  cards as well. These are double sided, full colour cards with images of their prime movers, with loads on the back. They look amazing in super high gloss finish, and the colours are vivid and crisp. These cards talk no matter what side is up on the desk.


Above, the Tie Up The Black Dog Committee have business cards featuring the logo I designed for them some months back. They have a facebook page here and a blog here. They provide useful information, links and seminars for those suffering, or friends and relatives of those suffering with depression or mental illness.


Goondiwindi Engineering have new business cards that match their website. Very corporate, that reflect the values of this business and the perfection of their work. So that about wraps up my favourite business cards, but another one I really liked that was designed and supplied by Vigour Graphics is this one for Naughty Goat Farm, in case you missed it.

Have a happy day and be true to yourself. Natxx

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Gourmet in Gundy 2013

Mark it on your calendars and save the date for this one! September 7&8 2013

gourmetingundy2013 copy

Farm, Fresh, Feast Markets is the theme for Gourmet in Gundy 2013. Posters and promotional material on it’s way! Till next time. Nat

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Goondiwindi Polo


Here is a Date claimer for North Star and Goondiwindi Polo Carnivals this year.

North Star Polo Carnival – August 3 & 4
Goondiwindi Polo Carnival – August 10 & 11

There will be this banner, and it is well signposted roadside, if you are on your way there.


It’s always a great day out, with food and bar on site.vigourgraphics.com_46041

Here are a few images from last year. Hopefully it wont be so dry on field.


Hope to see you there. Have a happy and productive week. Nat:)

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Goondiwindi Co-op


It’s really great to see Goondiwindi Co-op using their new logo and branding around the place. Fresh, gourmet and modern is the message here, and with all the changes that have been happening, it certainly is that!

Lovely new decor, new and interesting food lines, new price points and a vibrant atmosphere is just some of the things happening around here.  Logo and corporate branding by Vigour Graphics. Follow them on Facebook here.

 Caio for now! Nat

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Naughty Goat Farm

Something kind of cute about goats, (well, sometimes..) and a farm named Naughty Goat Farm pretty much sums them up. So when Hamish needed a logo, straight away I envisaged one of his goats into mischief eating the garden flowers.

Business Cards

I painted this from reference of one of Hamish’s first and favourite goats. The Anglo-Nubian Goats have the distinctive scoop-out floppy ears and come in all colours, they have a curious and gentle nature that I tried to capture in the image. Here are the information/business cards.


And below is the stamp artwork used for stamping the soap bags.

This image by Hamish

This image by Hamish

Pop over and visit the Naughty Goat Farm website, and online store created by Hamish here. You will find soaps, lipgloss and sometimes, jams and pickles, depending on what is in season. If you live around  South West Queensland and the Darling Downs, then you may come across Naughty Goat Farm at one of our many vibrant markets and festival days.

Have a happy and productive week. Nat

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The Number One Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia.

SSbannerCongratulations to the forward thinking community of Texas! Number One Motor Cycle Friendly Town in Australia!

At Vigour Graphics we have been creating a banner for Texas’ main street to celebrate this. Here is the media release:

” TEXAS will become the Number One Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia with an official announcement to be made on Saturday.
A small group of people who saw the potential of this project have been working away for over eight months in preparation of this announcement.
Cr David McMahon said Texas was paving the way for other towns in Australia including towns in the Regional Council area, to become motorcycle friendly. 
“Texas will of course be known as the No 1 Motorcycle Friendly Town, and our region will also be known as the Number 1 Motorcycle Friendly region in Australia. 
“This will pave the way for Inglewood and Goondiwindi to follow suit should they so desire.”
Cr McMahon said Texas had to go through criteria to be awarded this title with designated motorcycle parking, suitable accommodation options, suitable fuel for motorcycles and many other criteria that had to be met. 
He also said that as part of the project, comprehensive touring maps have been produced for motorcyclists on how to get to Texas as well as a local touring map.
“This announcement will be a fantastic day for Texas and we expect more than 100 motorcyclists from both sides of the border to be in the main street when our Local Member Lawrence Springborg and Mayor Graeme Scheu take part in the announcement.
“To be known as the Number 1 Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia is great for business as motorcyclists will spend their money when they are out and about.
“A free sausage sizzle is being organized by Texas Qld Inc and we encourage as many people to be part of this historic announcement as possible at 12 noon in front of the Memorial Hall,” Cr McMahon said.”



So if you are a motorcycle rider or and enthusiast of motorcycling, then head on out to Texas TODAY 29th of June 2013. It will be a great day!


Reference sourced from David McMahon
Banner by Vigour Graphics
Photo by Goondiwindi Argus

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