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Barcoo Brats Ultimate Summer Dress

stace sep13 (2)

Barcoo Brats have just released their new Ultimate Summer Dress.


Pop on over to Barcoo Brats website here or follow them on facebook here. These sweet little summer dresses are perfect for every day or a for day out. So light and cool, easy care and especially designed for our hot summers.

Happy Holidays! Nat


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Visit Yuleba


Yuleba is pronounced “Yool-Bah” and is said to be named after the Aboriginal word meaning “the place of water lilies.”

But don’t let Yuleba’s size fool you, with a population of 200, this town is a hive of activity with a heart as big as any of her larger country town neighbours. Home of the Cob & Co, there is a great trail to follow, historical points of interest, as well as Cob & Co Park; that has murals bringing the whole story alive. There are amazing picturesque camping spots and wildlife abounds.

 Here is their brand new website by Vigour Graphics.

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