Web Design

Vigour Graphics specialises in simple, effective, easy to manage web sites for small to medium businesses and community sites, especially where the client wants to own & control content. Here are is a sample of some examples of these kinds of web sites that Vigour Graphics has built, and trained clients to use themselves.

Border Living

Sites can be looked after by the one person, or by many people in various locations. When we set up the site I can install a CMS (content management system).  Then the site is under your control.

Max Grains

We here for online & telephone support, and no question is too small. We friendly & approachable. Our set up fee includes 4 hours training on how to manage site, which will be fully automated. If you have any concerns re editing your own web site, we can assure you it is very easy, straight forward and very enjoyable. You need basic to intermediate computer knowledge. It is very safe, and we set areas that are non editable so there are no accidents regarding trashing the site.

Border Diesel

If you want nothing to do with maintaining your site, that is ok too. Vigour Graphics is happy to look after you.  I can design complex arty type websites, however you will need skills in html, java script and more if you would like to look after them yourself. In these cases usually we look after them for you.


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